Hello, my name is Barry.
As of right now, I am 33 years old.

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txti running on a simple flip phone

Txti is fast web pages for everybody. I wanted to create a service that was as simple, open, and free as possible. Today, it's offered as part of Facebook's Free Basics program and serves more than a quarter of a million pages by authors all over the world.

Visit txti now to see what it's all about.

Listen to my interview about txti with Nora Young on CBC's Spark radio program.

The Call to Earth

Rustic and hand drawn artwork of the phrase The Call to Earth over a backdrop of a starry night through the trees as if the viewer were laying on the grass looking up through the trees.

Hand-lettered album artwork for a collection of art songs by composer Daniel Gilliam. Read more about his project on Gilliam's site.

The Canandaigua Sketches

A short collection of songs written and recorded in Canandaigua, New York in 2011. Listen below, or listen to more of my music on Soundcloud.