Barry T. Smith

Design & Web

I spent a good portion of my professional career practicing creative arts, design, and web development. I have enjoyed doing photography, graphic design, video production, stage design, front-end web development, and even API development and backend app development. While my career has advanced professionally (see my Professional Work page), I still lean heavily on these skills. To this day, it has been my favorite work, which is why I have also done freelance and personal projects outside of work. Below are examples of some favorite projects.

txti | Web Development

txti running on a simple flip phone
Txti running on a $10 flip phone.

The Internet was a very different place in 2013. Most of the world was just beginning to get access to the web via their phones, but fast, global internet was not fully available. As a web developer, I wanted to contribute to an accessible and equitable Internet, so I created txti.

Txti was a free service with the slogan of "fast web pages for everybody." The mission was to create the most accessible, smallest-file-size way for anyone in the world to make a web page—free and on any device. I built the site to be usable on a $10 flip phone, and I made multiple pages on such a phone with ease.

Before officially retiring txti in 2024, txti served over half a million free web pages in many languages across the globe. There were college syllabi, personal resumes, poetry, news, blog posts, and more. My work with txti and one even more famous website (see page source for details) kicked off a web design movement known as Web Brutalism. Txti became part of Facebook's Free Basics program. Listen below to an interview I did with CBC radio in 2016.

Visit txti to learn more about why it was retired.

Awaken | Photography and Graphic Design

CD, CD jacket, and liner notes spread on the floor for the album Awaken by Emily Joan Smith.

A beautiful convergence of my creative and musical arts was supporting my wife for her album Awaken in 2020. Not only did I perform multiple instruments and sing on the album, but I also did the photography and graphic design for the physical CDs. It's so rewarding to hold something you've made in your hands. But it's also rewarding to listen to something beautiful you've made. Listen below.

The Call to Earth | Lettering and Graphic Design

Rustic and hand drawn artwork of the phrase The Call to Earth over a backdrop of a starry night through the trees as if the viewer were laying on the grass looking up through the trees.

I've done many album artwork designs, but Daniel Gilliam's The Call to Earth was a fun opportunity to do some hand-lettering. I worked with Daniel to create album art that connected with the natural, minimal spirit of the original music he composed. Listen The Call to Earth on Bandcamp.