Barry T. Smith

Barry giving a talk on Web Acumen.

Hello, I'm Barry

I'm a digital team leader, front-end web developer, and UX designer in Louisville, Kentucky. I work on intranet sites for Humana. I value simplicity, and I want the web to be easy to use for everyone. More

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See some of my work below. My best work is internal for my employer, and examples are available on request.


Txti is a tool I made that allows anyone to create super light, super fast web pages. More than half of the world is still without internet, and they will soon be joining in with inexpensive mobile phones and weak wireless networks. How can they join a web where the average home page is about two megabytes? With tools like txti, they may view and create web pages and actually be a part of the web—on any device they have.


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A List, A Fart

A List, A Fart logo. It's a spade and club icon from playing cards arranged in such a way that it looks like a farting butt. Surrounded by a laurel wreath. Classy.

I sometimes make fart jokes on the internet, and this was (so far) the most elaborate one. I began this just for fun, but I'm starting to understand that satire is an effective means of communicating legitimate ideas. This is a parody of the highly influential web magazine A List Apart .


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Graphic design

I'm not a graphic designer, but I enjoy opportunities when I get them. Load my gallery below, then browse the images to read more about the projects.

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About Me

The two main activities of my childhood were art and music. I became hooked on web design because the love of art met the love of rules found in music theory. Eventually, it became a full-time job, and I learned I was a better web developer than I ever would have been a musician.

I love the web, and I believe it has the ability to transcend many barriers. I'm learning every day and trying to use the web to make the world a better place. I'm a pragmatist or purist in many senses, and I value accessibility and simplicity over most other things on the web.


I will always be a musician, and currently I'm focused on bluegrass mandolin and guitar. I've travelled the world and won international awards with choirs; had songs featured in a student Academy Award winning film; performed with countless fantastic musicians including Ben Folds (and Pat Boone, of all people); had multiple commissions and premieres of compositions; and been a member of many quality bands and ensembles.

Additionally, I am learning what it means to live an empowered healthy lifestyle. I have a bad habit of getting interested in too many things.